Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: A Boon for Thousands

For the past few decades, medical marijuana aka weed was notorious as a recreational and addictive drug. A large number of youths especially teenagers were caught smoking marijuana just for the sake of getting high. But with the passage of time and some breakthrough discoveries in the field of medical sciences, researchers were able to prove that marijuana also has various beneficial medicinal properties which can be used to cure a number of disorders and diseases.

Though, the use of medical marijuana in California is still a controversial issue but there has been seen a steady increase in the popularity of marijuana as a medicine. Not in modern times, but marijuana was known to be used in ancient Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern medical therapies. Various medical scriptures are a witness of the use of this herb as medicine. The main topic of debate in case for the use of marijuana as medicine is the dependency on the drug. But it cannot be banned solely because of this reason as the benefits outweigh this reason and marijuana is far safer than any other chemical medications used these days.

There are a lot of medical symptoms where medical marijuana has shown its wonderful effects and has decreased the severity of symptoms. Though, the list is too long but a few of them are as follows: increase in appetite and decrease in nausea and vomiting in the patients, who are undergoing chemotherapy or are suffering from the deadly AIDS, reduction in mood swings and alleviation of mood in patients of depression, reducing the intraocular pressure and also possess pain relieving characteristic.

In diseases and disorders like muscle spasms, Parkinson’s disease, lung cancer, brain cancer, seizure disorders, nausea, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pains, glaucoma, marijuana has shown some really amazing effects. Slowly and slowly, medical fraternity is accepting the use of medical marijuana in California as one of the alternative medicine. There are various ways to use marijuana for its beneficial properties. Some marijuana doctors prepare it as a liquid solution for their patients. Other physicians opine that the medical marijuana is more effective when it is simply chewed and its juices straightaway get absorbed in the blood. It can also be used through smoking as well as using it as an ointment or in a poultice.

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