CANNA FINDR is a map application on both iOS and Android for searching and finding medical marijuana dispensaries. This app can be used for doctors, delivery services, and dispensaries. It is the fastest way to find legal cannabis near you. This app is easily searched by zip code, city, state, business name and more. The app provides a list of cannabis businesses as well as address, phone number, email, website and all the information to meet your needs.

This app provides a map application for searching and finding legal cannabis and marijuana dispensaries; we adhere to the highest standards of health, safety, and patients’ rights.

CANNA FINDR is the world’s cannabis information resource. People use the CANNA FINDR map application to find a dispensary nearby that carries the cannabis strain for their medical needs.

Discover your ideal cannabis strain, tinctures, topical, concentrate or edible to achieve desired effects, flavors, medical treatment, and availability at nearby dispensaries.

Use CANNA FINDR and its integrated map to locate a legal doctor, clinic, or dispensary in your area. Browse dispensary menus, read user reviews and receive daily notifications from your favorite medical marijuana dispensaries.

Download our App to browse local listings, user reviews, countless varieties of cannabis strains, and beautiful cannabis photos. You can find a marijuana doctor in your area to get evaluated and receive your recommendation. You can search which dispensaries or deliveries have the products you prefer based on reviews and ratings.
Where can you buy cannabis legally? We’ve harvested the best marijuana app, so you don’t have to pick through the seeds and stems yourself. No matter your preference, our CANNA FIND map application will help you choose the right type of cannabis for your needs. You’ll love the CANNA FINDR app!