About Us

Canna-Findr is a simple location-based search service. Search by zip code, city, or state and Canna-Findr will provide you with the nearest location where you can find doctors, delivery services, or dispensaries in the Cannabis industry. You can search for doctors, delivery services and dispensaries and Canna-Findr will provide you their addresses, hours, phone numbers, emails, and websites.

Cannabis and Marijuana are quickly becoming legalized across the entire United States and around the world. Canna-Findr will only provide you with legal suppliers of Cannabis in states where its use is 100% legal. So, you have nothing to worry about; Canna Findr is a safe way to find legal suppliers of Cannabis and Marijuana. Apparently, everyone knows that Marijuana and Cannabis have a powerful message about its social responsibilities; hence, this application doesn’t encourage Cannabis and Marijuana abuse.

However, if you are permitted to purchase Cannabis and Marijuana, you can utilise this app to find them. In situations whereby you don’t have the permission to buy legalised Cannabis and Marijuana or live where they are approved- this application can also be of help, it locates the nearest Marijuana and Cannabis organisations within your area so you can promote reform with them.

Finally, it seems Cannabis and Marijuana smokers have found an application that can help them unite and share more experiences, ideas and concepts with one another. Canna-Findr allows user-friendly reviews of marijuana doctors, dispensaries, and delivery services.

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